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Wings started this conversation

Hiya all.


Well, how do I introduce myself?

First of, I'm nobody and everyone...meaning I do not have a familiare name or face, but I have lived for a few years now, and during I have battled most fancy twitches and turns life has to offer.
On the basis of that, I like to think of myself as one that might lend advices and support to others fighting the same battles I have fought (and won)!

Most important to remember for all, no matter what the struggle is about; there's almost always a solution out there.

Looking forward to getting to know new folks...  ;o)




...a tiny (sigh) from Norway...

One thing I've found since I started to visit this page is that 99% of all participants ask for money. For some reason (please forgive me those whom I now will offend) I tend to think of this as the wrong way to go about things. I do understand and regret that some people in dire straits tend to think of free money as their only solution and salvation, but this is wrong. This would be a parallell as to send starving people in e.g. Mozambique a heep of food they can't prepare. have now lived x amount of years doing what you do, and so far it's not working. How do you reason that if you just got a bit of free money it would solve everything, like a magic wand???

Think outside the box for a while, it does not take a whole lot of effort...and maybe, just maybe you'll find the solution.



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just me,myself and I
Hello I'm new here and couldn't help noticing the same thing as you with people asking for money. Words can't describe how true your words were about thinking out of the box, and that there's more than one way to solve your problems. I wish you the best and hope your doing well.
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 in response to Wings...   

hi wings,

thanks for the reply. i have to say that i haven't had to sleep in my car, and for 99 cents, i could at least have 6 packs of ramen noodles:) (boy am i tired of them).  i don't think about 10 years from now, because even with a stack, there will  be other problems..bigger... i don't mind asking for help, it's not the worst thing in life.  i do rely on the money i make from the two houses that i clean, and the little assistance that i get from the government (under 300 dollars a month), i have two sons, and their father helps with them, he is a great dad.

wanna know how i lost my job?..well i worked at a nursing home, (i loved that job) and i witnessed abuse to one of the residents there by a supevisor and i contacted the owner of the nursing home, before i would get in touch with health and human services. two days later... my position was terminated. i could have still had my job, just like the others, but unlike a lot of others, i do believe that our lives are in three part: from the womb, to the earth, then to the tomb and while on earth (unlike in the womb or  the tomb) i have free will, and with it i want to make decisions based on my moral values, and not out of fear of being with out. truly, GOD is the Sustainer of our lives. so if we have to eat ramen noodles,  or sardines (if that's all we had), at least we're not starving, can't say that for millions of others..peace to you and your family, may you be blessed.



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 in response to never2proud...   

Hi there...

Yes, I do appreciate the role money play in todays society, and even though it's not fair in any way, you need money to manage your basic needs.

In Norway, as well as the rest of the world, you will find beggars that have all the money they need, still they're begging on the streets. Some people have made this a full time job, making decent money. I then tend to think why can't these people find regular jobs, spending time and energy on rebuilding a social network and retirement-rights. Do not misunderstand, I do not look down on anyone, be that beggars or blue-collar workers. But I wonder what are future plans of these lay away enough money to enjoy when they grow old? Or to die of starvation when age creeps up and inhibits them from begging?

As for extreme jobs, aside from mob-type ventures, I do not think there are any. But in these days openings are few, and pay is less than what it should be, but flippin' burgers are better than no job, right? As far as phone sex goes...well, I do see the moral issues, but a person offering these services are still offering a comodity that people will buy, and this is a comodity that in some states (countries) are legal.

As for the Lord and religion in general, I can't say much other than no religion requires you to starve yourself or your family.
Is there nothing else you can do, besides work that interfers with your morals? As mentioned, flippin' burgers for a while, taking on an odd job cleaning homes, nursing children, shopping for elderlys, licking envelopes, handycrafts...?

People living in a city generally have more opportunities getting a job than people on the countryside, but people on the countryside have more opportunities getting food on the table, like fishing, traps, vegetables and such.

Trying to guide a stranger that is known nothing about is hard (at best), so if nothing of what I'm writing applies to you, please disregard.

Not to deminish any of your problems...but for a period I survived on 1 tincan of sardines and 1 pack of crackers a day...that totaled up to astounding $1.85
At the time I did take on odd jobs, just enough to get me by and leave a little something for a rainy day...and like I said; a rainy day costed less than $2,-
I had an old clunker of a car that I lived in, and I got showers in the backyard of companies using their garden-hose.
This was possible because I was alone, now that I have 4 children I would bend over backwards to make sure this never happened again. If that ment roaming the streets collecting returnable bottles or cans, or taking on chores that my moral had a hard time swallowing...well, so be it.

I guess what I'm saying is that you do what you have to do to get by, and no...I'm not suggesting crime.

The only reason that the world seems dark is that you have'nt found the light-switch yet. 

Good luck!

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peace be unto you,

i appreciate your blog, and accept it as a charity. we all, however, can relate to how much of a necessity money is in our world today, of course it seems that at the time of need, things always are exreme, so extreme that even myself has considered a phone sex operating job as a fix to quick and easy cash... but, the thought never could get pass my morals. i fear my LORD too much.

thanks for the enlightment.


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Dear busterljp.

Hi there and thank you for your comments.
I have read your input to others here and I can tell you one thing;
You are good with words and it seems to me as you understand all that you need.  ;o)
So your opening-sentence in your comment to me, well ... it's not true.

From your comments I do have some more questions for you;

First of all and most important; how may I be able to assist you?
I realize that you are disabled, suffer from some sort of fit's, and have knee- and spineproblems.
For some reason I do not understand in what way you seek aid, but please let me know, and if I can be of some assistance you can be sure that I will do what I can.

Just to clarify about my means of aid; I have lived a few years (still not as many as you - hopefully I will eventually) and I have gathered some mindskills as to how and what make us able to control our own healt and faith, to some extent.
Now being that I'm not an american (I'm norwegian) I lack the knowledge about specific help-funds, organisations, aid-programs and such, but I used to live in the US for 5 years and fell in love with the nation and her people. The government at that time left quite a lot to desire, however now that mr.Obama is in the chair, the world and I have high hopes for a more just politic, both abroad and within.

In some of your replies to other people, you state that you are to some extent overweight?
This is one thing I'm positive to aid you with.
As far as joint-problems, I might be able to help.
With your seizures, I would have to know what type of seizures you have before I can recommend anything.

In the past I have replied to others here, but the very minute they find that I'm reluctant in sending them $$$, they leave, and they prove me right.
But please, write me again, looking forward to future chats.

Take care,

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How do you see me surviving in my current situation?  I have already decided that I have to relinquish custody of my son, because I can't afford to feed him.

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